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In a collision between the ladies for fetching water, a house wife is left seriously injured. The victim is identified as Sipra Pas & is undergoing treatment in the hospital. The incident is reported from Udaipur East Gokulpur village Kamairatill area. Reportedly, there are 100 families in the area & only one water tap for fetching water. However, collision broke out between Momina Bibi, Isamtara Bibi, Sipra Das & many other. In this quarrel the right car lobe of Sipra Das is injured & her daughter Nandita Das is also left injured. However, the victim Sipra Das has lodged complaint against the three ladies in the local women P.S. it is alleged that for last many years the area is lacking in many facilities like water. electricity & other but the authority is least bothered to take any action.

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